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Lumiere Estheic Studio's main goal is to personalize and create one of a kind treatments for every client. 


Bikini: $30

Brazilian Bikini: $55


Half Leg: $35

Full Leg: $60



Underarms: $20

Half Arm: $25

Full Arm: $40


Abdomen: $15



Ears: $15

Nostrils: $15

Chin or Lip: $15


Eyebrows: $20



Buttocks: $25


Back or Chest: $60


Male Brazilian: $75


We have strict sanitary procedures in our waxing techniuqes and we do not double dip.

Note: Waxing services are not recommended for anyone using chemical treatments, taking

drugs for autoimmune diseases, blood-thinning medications or steriods, along with recent sun exposure. 


Fundamental Clincial Facial:

A classic european facial that is a cleansing, decongesting and purificating treatment ideal for all skin types for males, females, and teens. This facial also provides pampering qualities that improves the appearance of the skin.


45 min: $75   60 min: $110    90 min: $140


Hydrating/Seasonal Dryness Facial:

This facial uses hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisture-loving ingredient that intensifies the power and efficiency of Le Mieux anti-aging formulas. The formuals hydrate and promote tissue repair, improves eslasticity and helps transform aging skin. 


75 min: $130


Lifting and Firming Facial:

Immediate lifting and intense skin hydration formulated to exfoliate, deeply rehydrate, restore, lift and firm the skin to instant radiance and enhanced tone. 


75 min: $130


Soothing and Healing Facial:

Highly proficient treatment to repair dehydrated, dull or sensitive skin by using Vitamin C or O2 calming gel. This facial protects the skin from enviornmental aggression while energizing tired and dull skin along with calming phyto-marine properties to sooth, comfort and rejuvinate reactive and sensitive skin.


75 min: $130

Lumiere Signature Anti-Aging Facial:

This relaxing treatment offers powerful antioxidants designed to delay signs of aging and to rejuvinate the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Ideal for people who live in urban areas with elevated pollution levels.


90 min: $150 

Back Facial:

Treats acne condition, condems black heads and sun damaged skin on shoulders and back for even skin tone.


60 min: $85

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